~*~ Kittens ~
~*~ Mandisa & Jasper gave birth to 6 kittens April 27, 2014 ~*~
S*Amun Ra´s Mandisa, Rag a 04 (chocolate carrier)
S*Abayomis Amazing Jasper, Rag n (chocolate carrier)
Both Parents are scanned HCM and CIN negative
Kittens Pedigree
Expected outcome is colorpoint and mitted, brown, blue, lilac and chocolate
Colour & variant
SE*Wandullan´s Maggie May Female Brown mitted   Pending
SE*Wandullan´s Miranda Cocktail Female Mitted a/c/b?   Pending
SE*Wandullan´s Mexican Mojito Male Brown mitted w. blaze   Pending
SE*Wandullan´s Mandy Sea Female Blue colorpoint   Pending
SE*Wandullan´s Magical Minna Female Brown colorpoint   Stays
SE*Wandullan´s Molly Pitcher Female Brown mitted w. blaze   Pending
If you are interested in a kitten from this litter, contact us by email
Pending= Show/breeding/pet quality evaluation of the kitten
Available = Kitten is available 
Interest shown= Someone has expressed interest but have not yet decided
Booked = Awaiting Deposit
Reserved = Deposit Paid
Moved = Kitten has moved to its new home